Triaged's 4-link and 3-link Calculators. The most comprehensive FREE link suspension calculator known to mankind. I can't even imagine how many hours Triaged spent ...

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The Suspension Calculator aims to help people who are building race cars perform suspension related calculations.

12/24/2003 · Here is the link to the latest 4-link calculator w/ Vetteboy79's travel mod. ... I just finished V 2.0. This one draws a picture of your suspension for you.

12/7/2016 · The 4-Link Calculator lets you input, view, save, analyze and compare your 4-Link rear suspension geometry. You enter heights above the ground and distance ...

4/30/2009 · Video embedded · Performance Trends 4 Link Calculator Demo Movie Saving and More ... Rear Suspension Overview: ... 4 link suspension setup settings …

Tuning 4 Link Rear Suspensions for the Drag Strip. Tuning 4 link rear suspensions can make a car launch quicker and use less horsepower to do it.

Four-Link Tech - Part 1 What Is a Four-link? And Is It For You? By Fred Williams at 4Wheeloffroad Magazine. A four-link suspension uses links to locate the axle from ...

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Building a 3 link or 4 link suspension, but need some help finding the right angles and setup? Here’s are some suspension calculators you can reference.

Video embedded · Ridetech offers the 4 link rear suspension in a parallel style. Very similar in construction to the tri link but the parallel 4 link uses a panhard bar to …

The 4-link rear suspension. The four-link rear suspension is designed to locate the rear axle with four links, two on each side. Besides these links controlling and ...

11/26/2008 · School me on the 4-link calculator I'm ... The equations are for a suspension that pushes, not pulls, so the results do not really apply on front setups.

Using the 4 link calculator. 4 Links by the Numbers : In previous link suspension articles I discussed the basics, then went more in depth on ...

1/6/2015 · 4 Link Calculator v3.0. I need to download this but i cant find it, help please.... 01-05-2015, 01:21 PM #2 nycreecy. STHM . Join Date: Aug 2011. Member ...

Suspension Geometry: Material Selection: ... Upper Link 3 Link Calculator v1.0 ... (This is your link bending w/ 1/2 the vehicle weight on it) Rear Axle Ratio Rear ...

12/17/2011 · I'm sure these will come in handy for those using this forum. You will need Excel to use them. 3 Link Calculator 4 Link Calculator

Suspension Geometry Calculator . ... You can also use this function to compare front and rear suspension although be careful as only the ... The link below should be ...

The 4-Link Calculator lets you input, view, save, analyze and compare your 4-Link rear suspension geometry.

2/16/2015 · Video embedded · 4 Link Suspension Explained - Rock Rods Tech - Duration: 12:16. ... Performance Trends 4 Link Calculator Demo Movie Saving and …